Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 59 - Not Off the Wagon, Just Swamped with Life

Wow!  I haven't posted in 9 days!  I have been so busy with other things that this blog has sort of had to go on the back burner for the last few days.  I hadn't really thought about it until I received an email from a friend who wondered if I had quit the Paleo life and that is why my blog was supposedly stagnant and dead.

Well, no fear dear friends.  I am going as strong as ever.  As a matter of fact, tomorrow marks my two month anniversary of eating Paleo!  I cannot wait to step on the scales in the morning to see my weight loss.  I know there has been some.  My clothes are noticeably bigger.  One of my fourth graders asked me last week if I was losing weight.  You know for a nine year-old to notice you are losing weight...it must actually be true!  I made the decision to stop the daily trips to the scale awhile back and it has sort of released me from the numbers game.  I am not over obsessing about every little ounce and pound anymore.  I changed my scope from the day by day picture, even from the week by week picture, to the big picture...month by month.

That actually though goes along with a change in my whole way of thinking lately.  When I started this, I said I would do Rob Wolf's 30-day Challenge.  Even though my intentions were sincere, I privately doubted if I would even make it a week without bread, pasta, cheese, and chips.  As that 30 days wore on though, I found out that I actually liked eating Paleo.  The results, just in the way I physically felt, were phenomenal.  One of the most striking examples was the complete disappearance of a horrible case of nagging plantar fasciitis that has been plaguing me for over a year.  That little thing by itself was enough to intrigue me into continuing with this plan.

As the 30-day Challenge wrapped up, I was still happily living the Paleo life.  Hubby and I had purchased the black-out curtains and were sleeping restfully in our cave each night.  I was learning to actually enjoy fresh fruit as a snack and think of it as a sweet treat.  I had lost my cravings for "cheap" carbs.  I was satisfied with my diet.  Most importantly, as I posted a few days ago...I was no longer obsessed with food.  Food did not control my thoughts or my life anymore.  I felt liberated.  I felt free.  I felt different somehow...normal...like I imagine most of the rest of the world must feel.

This past week and weekend, I have been consumed with my duties in the role of daughter.  I am in the process of moving my parents to my city from another.  They are both physically disabled and the actual packing and the logistics of moving not only their "stuff", but them as well has been overwhelming my life.  As the oldest sibling (and the only girl I might add), the responsibility has fallen on my shoulders to do the planning, organizing, most of the legwork, and of course, most of the dealing with the emotional issues associated with uprooting my parents from a house they have lived in for over 30 years.  This has been a hard thing...for both them and me.  Thank heavens for dear hubby, who is God's gift to me in this life and has lightened my burden in unbelievable ways through all of this.

ANYHOO....because of all of this...blogging and eating and Paleo posting has been off my radar.

That being said, I am still 100% eating Paleo and still 100% gung-ho with the Paleo life.  It is SO easy and livable for me.  Last weekend, I was able to spend two days eating nothing but fast food meals and still did not stray.  It does take an educated look at your eating establishment choices, a careful perusal of the menu, and then a meticulous was of "special" ordering...but it can be done.  I had salads from Subway, cabana bowls from Taco Cabana, and salads from Wendy's.  You have to be forthright and insist on "no cheese" or "no sour cream" and have the will power to toss the included dressings, toppings, and chips...but it can be done.  I truly don't feel cheated or deprived.

I am beginning to now see Paleo as a LONG-TERM lifestyle!  Who EVER would have thought that?  I can truly see me sticking with the Paleo life for years to come.  My short-term experiment has truly led me to have a completely different viewpoint in how I am thinking about living the rest of my life.  It has made that much of a difference.

Tomorrow marks my two month weigh-in.  I will try to post tomorrow night and let you know my results.  This weekend, we are moving my parents....their stuff and they themselves...it will be tough.  On top of that, I am the Easter Bunny for my little six year-olds, and will have the traditional church service and Easter dinner that day as well.  But...I plan to make it through it all still eating Paleo, still having energy, still having a smile on my face, and still thankful that I have discovered this lifestyle that has freed me from food.  I still have periodic inklings that DD will come back and sabatoge me (see earlier posts as to identity of DD), but as of now, I am happy and going strong.

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