Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day One - What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

About a month ago, my diabetes doctor mentioned Robb Wolf's book, The Paleo Solution, to me.  I have tried a million diets before and have never been successful.  When my doctor said that he was on this diet and had patients that were having great success, I filed this information away in my "maybe someday I'll think about it" portion of my brain and forgot about it.

Then last Sunday, I had dinner with my brother (who is also a diabetic and goes to the same doctor) and found out that he and his wife had been following the diet for a couple of weeks and felt terrific.  While I drank my beer, munched my fries, and devoured my bacon-cheeseburger...they were happily munching away on a grilled chicken salad.  I didn't think much about it at that time, but boy, did they catch my hubby's attention!

Fast forward 5 days later - Hubby has bought and read the book and is Gung Ho to start!  He tells me that basically, we have been eating poison for years and years!  What?  I like my nachos and cookies and bread and butter and pasta, etc, etc, etc.  PLEASE don't tell me it's poison.

He convinces me to read two chapters out of the book and milks a commitment of 30 days from me.  While I go to the local grocery and stock up on fresh veggies, meat, fish, and tea bags...he gets busy cleaning out the delicious-ness from the pantry!

I have a LONG laundry list of ailments.  I will go into those in future posts.  I will tell you more about me in future posts.  I plan to keep a 30 day record of what happens.

Mr. Wolf, in his book, repeats over and over and over...just try it for 30 days.

Well Mr. Wolf...challenge accepted!

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  1. I'm starting at the beginning. I'm not far behind you (age/health) and want to read more about this.