Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Two - Aren't Honeymoons Lovely?

Well the honeymoon period is full upon me and I feel great!  (I am NOT thinking yet about the end of the honeymoon!).  I have been eating Paleo now for almost two full days and so far I am not hungry or craving anything.  As a matter of fact, I feel terrific.

I am a perfectionist at heart so I keep finding myself questioning so many things about the eating plan.  Can I eat more than one serving of fruit a day if I have weight loss as my primary goal?  Can I put non-dairy creamer in my coffee?  Do I REALLY have to give up my Diet Coke?  I mean really...I LOVE my Diet Coke.  Giving it up is harder than giving up pasta and bread!  I think I must be addicted to my Diet Coke like a crack addict is addicted to her rock.  Sad, isn't it?  Is it okay to choose regular bacon over turkey bacon?  What about salt?  Can I eat roasted, salted almonds or should they be raw?  What about weighing in?  Should I sneak a peak at the scale or wait the full 30 days?  So many questions....

For most of these things, I just remind myself to "think clean" and do the thing that seems to make the most sense.  I may be making small mistakes, but I hope I am getting the major things right.

This morning, after my first day being wheat/dairy free...I woke up with NO nasal congestion!  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  But, I have notorious allergies and this time of the year, I am used to the whole family going around coughing all day long.  Not one cough today!  No need to blow my nose.  What's up with that?  Am I reading too much into this or are my chronic nasal issues perhaps related to a response my body has had to wheat or dairy for all these years???  Only time will tell I guess on this one.

My children though are not on board.  I have 4 of them.  2 in college (18 and 20 y/o) and 2 in Kindergarten (6 y/o's).  Long story that I might share someday...but to answer the common questions:

  1. Yes, they are all with the same husband.  We just took a break for a long time between the older kids and the younger kids.
  2. No, the six y/o's are not twins.  I discovered I was pregnant in the middle of an adoption process.  Our daughter is from China.
  3. Yes, they already have some of the health issues that I have unfortunately passed on to them, including diabetes, HORRIBLE eating habits, and a diet of processed, convenience foods.
But, back to my story...they are definitely NOT on board.  My older college sons think that their dad and I have gone whack-a-doodle and are "drinking the Kool-Aid" and ready for the looney bin.  The younger two turned their noses up at a veggie dinner last night and I gave in and got them McD's Happy Meals on the way home from work.  Granted, not the most auspicious start...but I don't think the "cold turkey" approach is going to work for them.  We will ease the younger two into a healthier diet and hopefully the older two will come home for Spring Break and see healthier, thinner parents and perhaps be motivated to investigate eating Paleo further.  But, let's face it...when you are young, you think you are invincible and that a diet of nothing but pizza, corn dogs, burritoes, and of course, the free ice cream bar at the dorm cafeteria is what everyone should eat.  I just hope to perhaps change their thinking by my own example.

Lofty thoughts for someone who is only on Day Two...still on her honeymoon, huh?

Ah, a girl (mom) can wish can't she?

I am off to eat tonight.  After a day and half of fish, we are going with good ol' American red meat tonight.  Lean ground beef browned with onion and garlic and then cooked with some fresh tomatoes and basil to make a nice sauce to pour over some steamed zucchini...sounds yummy right?  Who needs garlic bread and Parmesan cheese on the top?  Not I, says this cave mom!

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