Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 85 - Getting Lax - That's Not Good

I've noticed lately that I am getting a bit sloppy in following my Paleo diet lately.  This is NOT a good sign for me.  I am scared to death I might be at the top of that slippery slope I've written about and I might be in danger of sliding away into the doom and gloom of unhealthy fat-dom again.  I do NOT want that to happen.

What are the things that I am doing that concern me?

  1. Probably eating way too many pistachios.  While I know they are one of the healthiest nuts...I still feel like I am eating them too often.  Usually a couple of times a day.  I found these salt and pepper flavored pistachios at Costco and they are DELICIOUS!  I told my husband that we should start referring to them as devil nuts and not buy them anymore because we are so tempted to just devour the whole package at one sitting.  Eating mindlessly is NOT where I want to be...and that is what these darn nuts are doing to me.
  2. Allowing some shredded cheese now and then on a salad when we eat out at a restaurant.  I was very good at the beginning of specifically asking for "no cheese or croutons" on my salads.   I've indulged in a Greek salad with some feta, and a rib-eye salad that had a sprinkling of bleu cheese on it within the last week alone.  Not good.
  3. Drinking Diet Coke again.  Blogged about this before.  I cannot stay away from it.  Why?  What is so darn appealing to me that I feel the need and desire to drink it several times a day?  I have no clue.  It's certainly not the caffeine because I can drink coffee and tea and still crave a Diet Coke.  Is it the convenience of just being able to pop the top on the can?  I don't think so.  I'm beginning to think the the Coca-Cola Company must lace Diet Coke with some invisible addictive drug that just keeps us coming back for more and more.
  4. Having a beer every now and then.  I know...not as bad as a mixed drink like a sugary margarita...but is empty calories.  Yes, I am having an ultra light "girl's beer" as my dad refers to it...but I really should just not have one at all.
  5. Choosing fatty meats over lean meats.  I got on a kick chopping up hard salami in my salad for lunch.  It is so tasty and better than my bland turkey or tuna.  Turkey may not be as tasty...but it is much healthier and not as processed.  Hard salami is probably not even Paleo if I really investigate it and look into it.
  6. Skipping breakfast.  When I first started, I was so diligent about eating a handful of berries and nuts each morning to start my day.  I seem to be out of that habit these last couple of weeks. least admitting these foibles and writing them out is making me aware of the things I need to change.  I have a LONG, LONG way to go in this weight loss journey and it is too early in the process to get lazy.  

Three more weeks of school and then summer will be here!  I plan to concentrate on exercise and healthy eating and feeling in shape before I return to work in the fall.  I need the lazy habits to stop.  NOW!


  1. I think it's great that you are noticing these tiny, but influential changes in your diet. Now it's time to change them :) Of course, so much easier said than done. You are doing so well--don't go backwards.

  2. I agree with MayRay...noticing these changes will help us stay in tune with our bodies and keep ourselves in check. Keep it up! You're doing great!