Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Month Weigh-In Results

Well, Paleo friends...I did not do near as well this last month as I did the first two months.  I only lost an additional 4 pounds last month.  This brings my total weight loss since February 20 to 32 pounds.  To say that I was a little bit depressed about this would be an understatement.  It's taken me three days since weighing last Friday morning to even want to blog about it.

Now, here is the funny part of all of this.  I thought I had done really well this month.  All of the sudden, co-workers, friends, and people at church are commenting on how good I look.  In the last week alone, I bet a dozen people have commented on my weight loss.  In addition to this, my clothes keep getting bigger and bigger!  I donated an entire bag of pants, sweaters, and jeans from my closet last Saturday because they are so big they do not fit anymore.

How can my body be shrinking but I only have a 4 pound weight loss to show for it?

Although I was initially discouraged, I am not quitting by any means.  I truly don't even think of this as a weight-loss diet anymore.  It is a lifestyle change.  I am choosing to eliminate grains and dairy from my daily diet.  I feel better physically now that I have done so.  My cravings are gone.  And to be honest, I truly have no desire yet to return to my life of melted cheese, buttered bread, and pasta gooey-ness.  I am happier and feel better eating Paleo.

As I mentioned in my last few posts, I guess it is time to "step it up a notch".  I have two more weeks of school and then it will be summer.  As any teacher will tell you, we look forward to the summer break as much (if not more) than the children do.  I already have plans to meet with a personal trainer and incorporate exercise and working out into my lifestyle.  During the summer months, I will have time and energy to devote to this endeavor.  I hope that by the time school resumes in August, I will actually feel about exercise as I currently do about my diet....that it will be just a habit and the way I choose to live my life....not something that I have to do each day.

So...a temporary let-down and depression...but I am still going to keep on going on.  I can't refute the results of how I feel physically and a 4 pound loss is still not that horrible, right?  I mean, if I repeated that every month, a year from now I would be down 50 pounds and very close to my goal weight.

So...continuing on the Paleo path....

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