Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 23 - On The Road

Well, I am taking the true Paleo lifestyle to heart today as I get ready to travel for a few days with my family.  Unfortunately, we will not be "hunting and gathering", we will be "cleaning and tossing" as we travel to my parents' house to help them clean it out, organize, de-clutter,  get it ready to put on the market and downsize to a smaller home.  LOL

The challenge will be staying Paleo while on the road and staying away from my own kitchen.  I think the thing that concerns me the most is eating out in restaurants and/or fast food places.  I may or may not have Internet while I am there, so if you don't here from me for a few worries...I shall return.  Hopefully with a wonderful success story of how easy it is to stay Paleo, even away from your own comfortable surroundings.

I am so thrilled with how good I feel and how much weight I am losing at the same time.  I hit the 20 pound mark yesterday...and it has seemed so effortless.  I am finding it easy to find new things to eat, as well as tweaking old, family favorites.  One of my college-age sons came home for Spring Break and asked for his favorite meal...taco salad.  I made it the way I normally would except for a few changes.  Omitted the cheese and crumbled up tortilla chips.  Added a chopped bell pepper and doubled the amount of tomatoes and diced avocado that I would normally use.  Substituted salsa (after reading a thousand labels of the different ingredients...some salsas are nothing but chemicals and corn syrup!) for the ranch dressing.  It was delicious and actually better than it used to be.  Even my college son called it a success and wants it this way from now on.  Go figure.

On the road soon...rocking on in my cave world!  Smile at someone today and be happy!

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