Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 31 - Challenge Accepted and Complete!

Well Cave Friends...On February 20, I started this blog and told you about Robb Wolf's book, The Paleo Solution.  I had heard about this book from my diabetes doctor and with some urging from dear hubby decided to accept his 30-day challenge of trying the Paleo lifestyle.

I finished that challenge yesterday.  As Mr, Wolf states in his book...just try it for 30 days and see how you feel...then decide if the Paleo life is for you.

Well Mr. Wolf...I'm sold.  I've drunk your Kool-aid (as my college sons tell me when I decline bread and pasta) and I will continue to ask for more.

So, you all may ask...what are the results?  What are my feelings?  How do I feel physically?  Let's just make a small list here:

  • I have lost a total of 18 pounds.  (I was down 20 before traveling out of town on a very stressful trip where I probably indulged in too many salt & pepper pistachios and servings of fruit...it is true what they say...stress does affect your weight loss).
  • I have a TON of energy.  I suffer from chronic anemia to the point where I have to receive I.V. infusions of iron once a month just to keep my hemoglobin up.  I literally have more energy now then I have had in years.  It is incredible.  I can't wait until my next visit to my hematologist to see what my ferritin levels are!
  • My clothes already fit better.  18 pounds does make a difference.  I've lost that continual bloated feeling.  
  • I am satisfied with my diet.  As opposed to EVERY other diet I have ever tried...I never feel hungry or cheated on the paleo diet.  For the first time (possibly ever), I am listening to my body and its hunger cues.  If I am hungry...I eat.  If I am not hungry...I now am realizing it's okay to actually not eat.  Just because we are raised and conditioned to eat at 8am, noon, and 6pm...doesn't mean we actually have to eat at those times!  Who would've thought?
  • I am becoming a great chef!  I am learning to adapt some family favorites and I am also exploring new vegetables and foods that I had previously been timid about trying.  Calabaza squash!  Kale!  Lamb!  Tamari Sauce!  Coconut Milk!  Coconut Oil!  Bulb Garlic!  I am also learning how to combine things into interesting dishes that both hubby and I are loving every evening.
  • I am becoming an advocate and witness to the Paleo life.  Since I have started, my in-laws, a few other relatives, a teacher friend, and another friend have decided to try it out as well.
  • And perhaps most of all...I am optimistic and encouraged.  For the first time in a VERY VERY long time, I feel like perhaps my destiny is not to just be the nice, fat, red-headed girl in the room that everyone likes, but secretly pities and feels sorry for (I know people say, "Thank God I don't look like that...or "I would die if my wife was that fat."...I know people think it...I'm not stupid).  Perhaps...just perhaps...my future holds fun, interesting, inviting opportunities!  Perhaps I can actually do things like snow ski with my children, go kayaking with my husband someday, actually take up running and jog with my marathon-running husband now and then, buy clothes in the "regular" section of the store, take my kids to a water park, not panic if I ever have to go an airplane and worry about fastening the seatbelt, not worry about fitting into a booth at a restaurant...actually feel like a "normal" person for a change.  I've NEVER felt normal.
So what does this all mean?

It means I am just getting started baby!  I plan to keep on eating Paleo, sleeping Paleo, exercising Paleo...just living Paleo.  I feel great.  I feel happy.  I feel hopeful.  I feel encouraged.  I feel like the rest of my life is ahead of me and I CANNOT wait to see what it holds!

So, check back here because I intend to keep posting about this journey.  I jokingly entitled this blog "The Incredible Shrinking Cave Mom" a month ago...but now all I can say is...it is incredible!


  1. Hi Incredible Shrinking Cave Mom! I am Cave Mermaid coming over from Robb Wolfs forum to check out your blog. I am in my 6th week of eating Paleo, 24lbs down and a total of 13 inches lost!! *grinning from ear to ear*
    Just wanted to pop in and say Congrats! and I will keep following your progress :)

    You GO Girl!! xo

  2. This is such an awesome and positive post. I've just started reading about the Paleo lifestyle. We have a few Paleo style restaurants in my area. Your post is very encouraging.